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Moving back to the UK: checklist

Moving back to the UK: checklist From enrolling your children into schools to sorting out your tax situation, here are some of the things you should think about when preparing to move back to the UK. Tax, benefits, pensions and National Insurance t… more »

animal transport by specialist

Our qualified stuff provides global Animal Transport, specialists in Animal Transportation of all kinds including Pets, Exotics, Wildlife, Zoological and Aquatic Speciments of all kinds more »

Be aware ! Blacklist of bad behaved moving companies! Enter your comment here!

This page is to share information from clients that have been tricked with the price of a removal company! Manytimes you find that the price in the advertising is much lower than the price you will be charged later and if you don't pay they simply don't unload! Our moving company Black List has been a favorite stop for visitors, preventing countless consumers from enduring horrific moving experiences. The Black List grew as more and more rogue movers were identified, but the growth added complexity to the data. Eventually this made managing the list and keeping its information current quite cumbersome Black list of bad behaved moving firm and transport companies! more »

moving back to england after 13 years

moving back to england after 13 years mehr »

Help for elderly British movin back to UK

Spain offers no real care system for these Brits that have been here years and contributed to the system. They are caught between a rock and a hard place as this is their home but because their family are UK based they struggle getting help and are thus forced to return. mehr »