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DIE FÜNF STERNE AUTOTRANSPORTE spezialisiert auf Süd Europa!

Hugo Eckener Str. 29   D- 50829 Köln
Tel   0221/97999565   Fax: 0221/97999567
Geschäftsführer Jasmine Ruiz Gonzales
HRB 78822 Amtsgericht Köln

Anschrift in Spanien/ Dirección en España:
First Logística
Avda Duque de Lerma 15
E 29601 Marbella
Tel:    0034 952839123
Movil: 0034 655875102


animal transport by specialist

Our  qualified stuff provides global Animal Transport, specialists in Animal Transportation of all kinds including Pets, Exotics, Wildlife, Zoological and Aquatic Speciments of all kinds

Pets and live animals are a sensitive cargo that we really do understand. Our extensive knowledge and love for animals means that we will go that extra mile for our clients and their family members. Arranging pet travel is something that requires far more than just experience and know-how– it requires passion, dedication and consideration – which are just a few of the fundamental elements separating these firms from the rest.

Pet transport,  live animal transportation by specialist from Spain to UK

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moving back to england after 13 years

 moving back to england after 13 years

I do not believe that you will be able to claim benefits. I moved back to England from Australia in 1999 and went with my partner (who was British, and had only been away less than a year) when he went to sign on.

Whilst I was there, I enquired about the job boards and they told me to sign on for unemployment. I didn't think I would be eligible but they said to sign on, so I did. I went down the first time for the sign on interview and then had a letter come out to say I was not eligible as I had not been a resident in England long enough. Fair enough, I found a job within a week from looking at their job boards anyway.

Help for elderly British movin back to UK

Help for elderly British movin back to UK!

Free help provided for elderly expats

Is anybody else in agreement that elderly expats here in Spain get a raw deal? lots of the elderly expats that came over in the boom years are now at an age where they might need a bit of help and because they´re famlies are back in the UK they struggle to get help. Spain offers no real care system for these Brits that have been here years and contributed to the system. They are caught between a rock and a hard place as this is their home but because their family are UK based they struggle getting help and are thus forced to return.

Transport from Spain to UK

We are a group of U.K. PEnsionists that intend to rent a large moving truck for sharing the cheaper transport price and also havin our Pet looked after during the removal! Please get in conmtact! The pet & animal transport, sharing a large van for removal at cheaper price!