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Moving back to the UK: checklist

Moving back to the UK: checklist

  1. From enrolling your children into schools to sorting out your tax situation, here are some of the things you should think about when preparing to move back to the UK.
  2. Tax, benefits, pensions and National Insurance
  3. tell HM Revenue & Customs when you will be coming back, and find about your tax liability on returning to the UK
  4. check with the country you are living in about any tax you may owe before you leave
  5. for National Insure contributions, contact the HM Revenue & Customs National Insurance Contributions Office (International Services)
  6. get in touch with the Department for Work and Pensions regarding your pension and benefits, giving them details of your return move and your contact details abroad and in the UK
  7. More about tax (money, benefits and taxes section)Health
  8. register with a GP and a dentist in the UK
  9. inform your GP, dentist and other health practitioners in the country you are leaving, and see if your records can be sent to your new health professionals in the UK
  10. Your home
  11. arrange to sell your property or end its lease as appropriate, and sort out removals
  12. contact the local council in the area you want to move to - its council tax department and the electoral registration unit will need to know when you will be returning to the UK and your UK address
  13. notify your utility companies abroad that you are moving and give them a forwarding address, so they can send you final bills and information on any outstanding payments or refunds; you will also need to set up accounts for utility services once you have found a property in the UK
  14. tell your bank, building society or any financial institution with whom you have a policy or agreement that you are moving
  15. have your mail forwarded (impossible in spain)
  16. More about buying and selling your home (home and community section)Your children
  17. notify the school authorities that you are leaving the country
  18. before returning to the UK, contact the relevant local education authority regarding school places
  19. Find your Local Education Authority Opens new windowMore useful links
  20. Change of circumstances: letting HM Revenue & Customs know (money, tax and benefits section) Planning for buying a home (money, tax and benefits section)In this section...
  21. Nationality and citizenshipBank holidays and British Summer TimeNational ceremonies and symbolsKey facts about the United KingdomHistory and culture

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moving back to england after 13 years

 moving back to england after 13 years

I do not believe that you will be able to claim benefits. I moved back to England from Australia in 1999 and went with my partner (who was British, and had only been away less than a year) when he went to sign on.

Whilst I was there, I enquired about the job boards and they told me to sign on for unemployment. I didn't think I would be eligible but they said to sign on, so I did. I went down the first time for the sign on interview and then had a letter come out to say I was not eligible as I had not been a resident in England long enough. Fair enough, I found a job within a week from looking at their job boards anyway.

Help for elderly British movin back to UK

Help for elderly British movin back to UK!

Free help provided for elderly expats

Is anybody else in agreement that elderly expats here in Spain get a raw deal? lots of the elderly expats that came over in the boom years are now at an age where they might need a bit of help and because they´re famlies are back in the UK they struggle to get help. Spain offers no real care system for these Brits that have been here years and contributed to the system. They are caught between a rock and a hard place as this is their home but because their family are UK based they struggle getting help and are thus forced to return.