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ship spain-transport com transports cheaper

Once you're happy with a quote provided, you simply choose the transport ... on Shiply  anything from some furniture, to shipping a classic car or Furniture removal costs Spain TO UKtransports

I've used Bishops Move in the past. They always seem to have trucks in gib. It should be cheaper to go from Spain to the UK rather than the ...

Moving Furniture from UK to Spain - Expat Forum storage and furniture transport

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lady packing removal in stockings and high heels

Our removal and transport stuff was nicely surprised by this red head lady who insisted to do her packing in stocking, bra and suspenders !


students are cheaper than most transport companies

Surely students are cheaper than most transport companies,

but you have  to take into account that damage caused by unprofesional helpers is more likely.

Furniture, appliances and other stuff are often transported improperly and thereby damaged, as you see in the following video:

 students are cheaper than most transport companies, removals often transported improperly and thereby damaged

Especially during transport through narrow staircases often occur damages of the household goods as well as on the staircase.
furniture transported improperly and thereby damaged
Proper moving companies would be liable for the damage, but a student can not claim his liability insurance, such damages are not covered. For them, this means that damage which cause the students have to bear. Relocation damages are only worn by insurance, if caused by a private and not in gainful employment.

We offer weekly removals to Spain and the UK destinations. ... It is a specialized policy for the international transport of household

furniture and effects, ..... They make it easy for you to move your pet between the UK and anywhere in the world.

Removals to Spain International removals ...

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cheap transport Spain

actually I am surprised that this company was better than much more expensive competitors!

Lucky I clicked on that removal ad on the right side!